About Me


Thank you for stopping by, my name is Jenna Schraut. I hold a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Digital Media and Associates in Graphic Design. I love fashion, visual design, photography, graphics and 3D design.

I am particularly driven, dedicated and knowledgeable. I love art because it brings joy to others, and sometimes helps people find their confidence, and that is a beautiful thing. I want to work in an environment that brings thought provoking art to people, through a story, inspiration or even a new wardrobe.

I am a jack of many trades, simply because I enjoy doing so many things. I would love any chance to hone my abilities. When I am given a project, I jump right in with research, sketches and a mess of ideas. My friends and coworkers know me for my creative problem solving skills, and my ability to get things done!

I am currently seeking a more driven job position to embrace my career path. Please see my resume for my expertise, awards and experience. If you would like to see my more retail based resume, contact me and let me know!

In my spare time, I enjoy sewing, gaming and photography. Please reach out to me if you know of any opportunities, I will be happy to listen.